Tournament Rules

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1. Management

1.1. The above Competition shall be played in accordance with the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) laws of the Game except as amended by the organiser.
1.2. The Organisers will not be responsible for any expenditure incurred by the participating teams, in preparation for the tournament. E.g. Gears and Equipments
1.3. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations without prior notice and to withdraw any participating team if there is a breach of rules and regulations.

2. Registration

2.1. Registration of teams shall be on a first come first serve basis.
2.2. Berita Harian National Futsal Champions 2016 is open to all members of public, the divisions as follow:

a) Under-12 Division
Open to all born between 2004 and 2007
b) Under-15 Division
Open to all born in 2001 or later
c) Under-18 Division
Open to all born in 1998 or later
d) Under-35 Division
Open to all born in 1981 or later
e) Above-35 Division
Open to all born in 1980 or earlier
f) Women Open Division
Open to all women 14 years old and above
* Players are encouraged to be registered within the appropriate age range. The organising committee will not allow underaged players registered in older divisions (e.g. 12 year old player in U-15 division) due to safety issues.

2.3. Smoking is not permitted within the compound of the tournament venue. The Organizers reserve the rights to disqualify any teams who fail to follow this rule.
2.4. Each team will be allowed to register a maximum of 7 (seven) players.
2.5. Each team will require to register a minimum of 5 players
2.6. If a team is found to have fielded a non-registered player, the organisers reserve the right to forfeit the game and 3 match points with 2 goals will be awarded to the opposing team.
2.7. Or disqualify the team from the tournament with no refund.
2.8. Proof of identity with PHOTO will be required on the day of the tournament for registration. Random checks will be made during the tournament.

3. Format of the Competition

3.1. Balls used during the tournament
3.1.1. Ball: Size 4 (Under 12 Division)
3.1.2. Ball: Size 5 (All other divisions)
3.2. Duration
3.2.1. Group Stage : 8 minutes each
3.2.2. Quarter and Semi Finals : 8 minutes each
3.2.3. Finals : 10 minutes each
3.2.4. The Organizers reserve the rights to change timing prior to the start of the game
3.3. Round 1: The competition at the preliminary rounds shall be run on a group league system. (Format for the competition may be changed subject to the number of teams taking part in the competition) the second round phase of the tournament.
3.4. MATCH OFFICIALS: Certified referees for the tournament will be appointed by the Organizer and one referee will be deployed per match.
3.5. There will be no offside rule.
3.6. For ball out of play, a KICK in will apply. No goals can be scored directly from a kick in.
3.7. Time keeping for each game will be at the sole discretion of the time keeper in charge of the tournament. The Air Horn system will be in place to dictate the start and end of each match.
3.8. Rolling Substitutions will be allowed at any time during game.
3.9. The organizers may provide bibs for teams to wear during the match when there is a clash of jersey colors.
3.10. The Organizers shall have the final say to cancel / suspend any game due to adverse weather conditions.
3.11. Drinks will only be dispensed outside of the pitch. Players may not leave the field of play and Team Officials may not enter the pitch without the referee’s decision.
3.12. In Round 1 & Round 2 games (Group League) , point will be awarded as follows:
3.13. In the league competition, the winner shall be the team with the highest number of points attained from all the matches played.
3.14. In the event of two or more teams having equal points at the end of the league, the team with the best goal difference will be placed first.
3.15. If a tie still persists, then the team with the greater number of goals scored shall be the winner.
3.16. In the event of a tie between two or more teams, the team with the superior head-to-head record would be ranked higher.
3.17. In the knock-out phase, 3 kicks from the Penalty Mark shall be used to determine the winner if the match ends in a draw. (Re. FIFA on Kicks)
3.18. In the event of a further tie, coin toss by the referee will determine the eventual winner.

4. Fixtures

4.1. Games will be played according to schedule. The organizers reserve the right to change or make amendments to the schedule as and when necessary.
4.2. The timing of the games will go according with the official time.
4.3. Times shown on the draw are indicative only. Team Managers or Captains are advised to be available at all times and to check with the Tournament Officials on their next scheduled game.
4.4. Tournament Officials reserves the right to alter time schedules at their discretion.
4.5. The minimum number of players before the commencement of each game is 4. Any team fails to field 4 players will be given the grace of 1 minute from the scheduled time. Failing which, the referee will call off the game and a report will be submitted.
4.6. A grace period of 1 minute will be given after the scheduled time for kick-off. All teams are expected to be punctual. After this time has lapsed, the team which is on field ready to play will receive a walkover with 3 game points and 2 goals.

5. Discipline

5.1. Referee’s decision on the field is FINAL and no appeal against the decision will be allowed.
5.2. If a player is shown two (2) Yellow cards by the referee in a single game, he will be shown a red card. If a player is shown the RED card by the referee, the player will be ejected for the rest of the game and the player will be suspended from the subsequent game in which his team plays.
5.3. Any player accumulating two (2) RED cards will be banned from the tournament.
5.4. Any player accumulating two (2) Yellow cards will be suspended for the subsequent game. Yellow cards accumulated will be collected throughout the whole tournament; with no resets.
5.5. Use of shin pads (guards) is compulsory.
5.6. No team will be allowed to play without jerseys. Players who register their number must continue to use the same number throughout the competition. If there is a breach, the player or team may be disqualified.
5.7. Any team who gives a walkover or withdraws from the tournament at the last minute may be subject to action by the Organizing Committee.
5.8. In the play-off for top 4 placing, any walk-over will disqualify the team from placing.

6. Protest

6.1. All protests in writing must be made to the Organizing Committee within FIVE (5) minutes of the competition of the match by the team manager. Late appeals will not be entertained. Any decision made by the Organizing Committee shall be final.
6.2. In case of dispute arising out of the Competition or the interpretation of these Rules, the Organizing Committee shall decide and the decision of the Organizing Committee shall be final.
6.3. All matters not provided for in these Rules and Regulations, shall be dealt by the Organizing Committee.
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